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NYU’s Faculty Innovations Teaching and Learning research center located in Brooklyn NY. Catered various needs for collaborators across NYU campus. The purpose is to make content interesting, digestible, and analyzable to optimize learning goals.

The MLA project comes from EWP writing center. The faculties found themself teaching the fundamental concept of citation but students repeatedly make common mistakes when writing. Therefore, they are seeking alternative solutions to bring the concept and rules of fundamental citation to students and hoping to improve the quality of student work.

My role in the project is Media Producer working with project manager, and educational technologist to go through consultation with collaborators, evaluate existing content, outlining a script, analyze achievement of learning goals and video effectiveness development.

Once the goal is articulated, then I capture footage based on the discussed shot list, I  assemble footage, develop rough, then finer cuts based on collaborator feedback, incorporating any effects or media within time constraints. Deliver the product to clients for further, evaluate video’s success based on response and outcomes, plan for improvements.