The sound ZIC /z ih k/, always associated with what my favorite photographer said: "L'instant décisive from Henri Cartier-Bresson (The decisive moment) and working as ZIC reminds me never to forget my passion 初衷.

I believe in three things: 1st. Anything is possible with the right mind and persistence. 2nd. Everything is relative, not absolute. 3rd. I once can float above ground for three seconds. Hello, I am Angela also known as ZIC.

I have an aptitude for connecting the dots, and I believe there is always a reason behind an action. This belief is my theme to continuously collaborate on creative projects. As I capture the subtle interaction among people with a combination medium of video, sketching, photography, motion graphic, and animation.

I create visuals for the food and beverage industry, musicians, and filmmakers. And I love to keep pushing the boundary between sensory experiences. I am looking forward to connecting with you.

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908 720 1666